Amana Dryer Repair YNED7200TW

Amana Dryer Repair YNED7200TW

Front Load YNED7200TW Dryer Repair

We received a call from our client who complained that the Amana YNED7200TW dryer unit was overheating and was scaring them, so they called us to see what the problem was. Our team arrived immediately and began diagnosing the problem. The thermal fuse was still intact and we didn’t notice any damage. We found, however, that air flow had been restricted by clogged dryer vents. It also creates excessive heat as the heat cannot properly escape through the exhaust, preventing circulation in the dryer. A vacuum was used to clean out the vent and a test run was conducted to see if the dryer would overheat. After verifying that the unit worked properly, our clients were thrilled with the dryer repair and happy to be able to use their YNED7200TW dryer once more.

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