Our appliance repair experts are available to perform speedy repairs on your fridge, oven, stove, dishwasher, washer, and dryer.

  • Same-day repairs in Concord
  • Properly trained technicians
  • Experienced professionals (15+ years in appliance repair)
  • Affordable rates on repairs
  • Prompt and quick repairs

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Our Appliance Repair Services

When any of your household appliances start to give you problems, you can call our professional technicians. Our team is available 7 days a week to provide appliance repairs in Concord and the surrounding areas. Whether you need repairs for residential or commercial appliances, we can perform expert, same-day repairs.

Fridge Repair

Is-it-worth-repairing-a-broken-applianceTo put it simply: homeowners cannot go long without a functioning fridge in their home. A broken fridge can lead to spoiled food and wasted money. So if you have a fridge that is acting up, you need to call our experts. We can help if:

  • Your fridge is making strange noises
  • Your fridge is leaking water
  • Your fridge’s water dispenser and/or icee maker are not working
  • Your fridge is not cooling
  • There is ice build-up in your freezer

Oven Repair

Getting that holiday turkey and Saturday night roast tasting their best would be impossible without a working oven. If your oven is not adequately cooking your food, then you need our help. Give us a call if:

  • The temperature in your oven is not consistent
  • Your oven is not turning on
  • Your oven is not cooking food properly
  • The oven door is not aligned and not closing properly

Stove Repair

Planning to whip up a stir fry tonight? That’ll be hard to do without a stove that is working optimally. If you are noticing that your stove is not performing adequately, you should call our appliance repair team. Call our pros if:

  • The knobs on your stove are broken
  • You can adjust the knobs on your stove
  • Your stove has damaged or loose coils
  • Your stove coil are not heating up

Dishwasher Repair

The dishwasher is one of those appliances that make life so much easier. It cleans our dishes, giving us time to focus on other things in life. Our professionals can help with any dishwasher issue you may be experiencing. Give us a call if:

  • Your dishes aren’t coming out clean
  • Your dishwasher is leaking
  • Your dishwasher is not draining
  • Your dishwasher is not turning on
  • The dishwasher is making strange noises

Washer Repair

Trying to live without a clothes washer would be difficult and just add more time doing chores to your day, which is something no one wants. Here at our appliance repair company, we can help with any washer problems you may have. Call us today if:

  • Your washer is not turning on
  • Your washer is leaking
  • Your washer is not finishing a full cycle
  • Your washer is not draining
  • Your washer is not spinning

Dryer Repair

Your dryer and your washer are essential tools for getting your clothes clean. You just can’t live with one and not the other. So if your dryer is not performing as it should, give our expert technicians a call today. We can repair your dryer if it is:

  • Getting too hot
  • Not turning on
  • Not spinning
  • Making weird noises
  • Not getting warm enough

The Appliance Repair Pros

Our team has a lot of experience providing professional appliance repair Concord. When you are experiencing issues with any of your major household appliances, we are the people to call for speedy and reliable same-day repairs. Call us today!

(647) 477-0946