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Our appliance repair experts are available to perform speedy repairs on your fridge, oven, stove, dishwasher, washer, and dryer.

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  • Affordable rates on repairs
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Our Appliance Repair Services

Whether your fridge is no longer running, your dishwasher starts leaking, or any other household appliance breaks down, it’s time to call a professional repair team. Max Appliance Repair specializes in providing quality appliance repairs in Vaughan. Our same day service will have your appliance back up and running in no time.

Fridge Repair Vaughan

Is-it-worth-repairing-a-broken-applianceIf your fridge starts making a strange noise, begins to leak, or will no longer turn on, the best thing to do is call a technician right away. Attempting to diagnose and repair your fridge yourself could result in further damage and longer repair times. For fast, affordable Vaughan fridge repairs, call Max Appliance Repair.

Dishwasher Repair Vaughan

Some common dishwasher problems include leaks, dishes coming out less than perfectly clean, and failure to start. At Max Appliance Repair, our team is trained and experienced in repairing all brands of dishwashers. Call our professional team for speedy Vaughan dishwasher repairs.

Stove Repair Vaughan

When your stove is faulty, it can be one of the most inconvenient appliance breakdowns of all. Without a reliable stove, cooking your favorite meal could be impossible. Fortunately, thanks to our same day Vaughan stove repairs, you’ll be cooking up a storm again before you know it.

Washer Repair Vaughan

Your washer is one of the most important household appliances of all. Apart from the convenience, it’s also a great time and energy saver. If your washer starts making a strange noise or stops working, it’s best to call a professional repair technician right away. Call Max Appliance Repair when you need affordable and reliable Vaughan washer repairs.

Oven Repair Vaughan

When your oven gets too hot or not hot enough, your food will not come out cooked to perfection. The good news is that Max Appliance Repair is available for same day oven repairs throughout Vaughan. When you call us, you can be sure that you will get the very best service and utmost professionalism.

Dryer Repair Vaughan

When you invest in a dryer, it will soon become one of your most important appliances of all. When you consider how much time you can save by not having to wait several days for your favorite outfit to dry. Of course, dryers can break down, and the most common problems include power issues and temperature regulation trouble. When you need dryer repairs in Vaughan, call Max Appliance Repair.

Why Choose Max Appliance Repairs:

  • Max Appliance Repair offers professional same day appliance repairs throughout Vaughan.
  • No matter the brand of your household appliance, our team comes prepared with tools and parts to perform repairs right away.
  • Our priority is your satisfaction which is why our technicians all provide the most professional service in Vaughan.

Our team offers same day service, and we are experienced as well as trained in performing professional repairs on all household appliances.

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