Brada Dryer Repair BED70B/XAC

Front Load BED70B/XAC Dryer Repair

A client of ours called us because their clothes weren’t fully dried in the Brada BED70B/XAC dryer. After running a cycle, the clothes were still damp. We were asked if there was anything we could do to help solve the problem. We investigated the problem further. Our team tested the power source and main control board to ensure they were functioning properly. Upon evaluation, the blower wheel would need to be replaced. When we discovered signs of wear and damage on it, we ordered the replacement parts and installed them immediately. Test runs were conducted to determine if the dryer repair had been successful. As a result, the clothes came out nice and dry and our clients were pleased with the BED70B/XAC dryer‘s return to original condition.

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BRAD BED70BXAC Dryer RepairBRADA Dryer Repair BED70BXAC

Brada Dryer Repair BED70B/XAC Service

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