GE Dryer Repair GTD40EBMK0WW

Front Load GTD40EBMK0WW Dryer Repair

After experiencing problems with their GE GTD40EBMK0WW dryer, our client contacted us for further assistance. Upon arrival, we inspected the dryer top to bottom, inside and out to determine the cause of the malfunction. It turned out that the thermal fuse was blown. The unit was overheating because of an excessive buildup of lint in the dryer exhaust. It was necessary to clean out the accumulated lint and substitute a new fuse for the one that blew. In order to confirm that the dryer is functioning, we ran a test cycle. It was a successful dryer repair, and our client was pleased with their GTD40EBMK0WW dryer.

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GE GTD40EBMK0WW Dryer RepairGE Dryer Repair GTD40EBMK0WW

GE Dryer Repair GTD40EBMK0WW Service

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