Samsung Dryer Repair DV350AEG/XAC 7.4 CU.FT

Front Load DV350AEG/XAC Dryer Repair

One of our homeowners contacted us to report a noise that they were hearing from their Samsung DV350AEG/XAC dryer. Their dryer would make a humming sound whenever a drying cycle was running, which disturbed the peace in the house. Our team reached out to see if there was anything we could do for them. With a bubble level, we checked if the dryer was level- as this is a common problem with dryers that are not level. We discovered that the drive motor was defective when we inspected the inside of the unit. We ordered the parts and had them replaced as soon as we could. Following this, we conducted a test cycle to ensure the dryer repair was successful. There were no humming sounds from the DV350AEG/XAC dryer, and our clients loved being able to use it again without interruption.

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Samsung Dryer Repair DV350AEG/XAC 7.4 CU.FT Service

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