Frigidaire Fridge Repair FGHM2866PF8A

French Door FGHM2866PF8A Refrigerator Repair

A client was dealing with an issue regarding their Frigidaire Fridge FGHM2866PF8A. The gasket located on the door of the fridge is supposed to form a seal with the cabinet when it closes. When this occurs, no air or moisture can pass through to make contact with the food stored inside the fridge/freezer. The seal was broken, and the connection between two parts will be lost resulting in an open passage for outside elements to enter into your appliance. Once this occurred, the food became moist and damaged- and appeared to be unaffected from outside conditions because of the lack of oxygen from the outside. We replaced the broken door gasket and examined the fridge after installation. The fridge repair on the FGHM2866PF8A fridge was successful and our clients were satisfied with their newly functioning door.

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Frigidaire Fridge Repair FGHM2866PF8A

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