Frigidaire Fridge Repair FGHS2342LF1

Side-to-Side FGHS2342LF1 Refrigerator Repair

Our client had an issue regarding the door on their Frigidaire FGHS2342LF1 fridge. The doors were swaying back and forth when opened and closed so we came in to investigate the issue in further detail. The door hinges are installed on both sides of the cabinet allowing it to adjust and move with changes in temperature and weight distribution. When these hinges wear out they lose their effectiveness at holding up your appliance’s door resulting in it falling down or swaying back and forth when opened or closed. This disruption will cause an opening that can lead to air/water leakage into your appliance if not immediately attended to. We replaced the door hinges with new ones and tested opening and closing the door to see if that solved the problem. The cold air was preserved inside the FGHS2342LF1 fridge and our client was thrilled to have this fridge repaired.

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Frigidaire Fridge Repair FGHS2342LF1Fridge Repair Frigidaire FGHS2342LF1

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