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What To Do When Your Appliance Is Broken?

Imagine you have a week’s chore planned for the weekend and just when you are piling up your soiled laundry into the washer, the washer refuses to operate as normal. Find this relatable?

We have often noticed that home appliances usually breakdown when we most need them to work! If your fridge, stove, dryer or any other appliance has broken down, here’s what you should do.

Check the extent of the issue. If the machine is behaving erratically, we recommend unplugging it and waiting to use it till an appliance repair expert has assessed the situation.

Another issue we appliance technicians face is our clients taking matters into their own hands and trying to fix the appliance based on some YouTube video. DO NOT DO THAT!

Your appliance will be unsalvageable if the DIY repairs go wrong and you might even end up spending more than the actual damage. An appliance expert can troubleshoot the appliance accurately and recommend the right fixes. They also take into account the life of your machine and recommend if you need to replace the machine or spend a fraction of it in repairs.

At Max Appliance Repairs we encourage our customers to give us a call and get a quotation before booking the service. However, please note that the technician can only accurately make the estimate once they have seen the broken appliance.

Here’s a handy guide to get your faulty appliance fixed ASAP.

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